We started as a family business, and we still are. It’s our heritage, and we’re proud of it. It has also dictated the way we treat our people: as members of a tightly knit organisation driven together towards exceptional results.

Our family beginnings have created a culture that inspires teamwork and loyalty.

From labourers, machine operators and truck drivers through to site managers and our management team, we expect the best from our people. Thanks to the culture we’ve created, they consistently live up to our expectations.


We recognise that diversity is the bedrock of our business. Diversity of skill sets, personalities and capabilities. This diversity has always fueled our growth and will continue to be a big part of our vision for success.

At Moits, there’s nothing new about diversity. In fact, it reflects the way the founding brothers contributed to the business from the very beginning.

Moits was founded through embracing individual capabilities and differences seen in the partnership between brothers: Michael Moit with his ability to forge strong relationships with clients large and small; George Moit, with his creative approach to solving problems; and Tony Moit, with his attention to detail and hands-on relationship with our site workers. This diversity of talents has ensured our reputation for delivering great customer service and high quality workmanship has remained intact as we’ve grown. As Moits grows, so do our team. Our new team members help us become stronger and we help them build their careers.

If you are interested in joining the Moits team, visit our careers section to apply for vacancies.

Michael Moit
Managing Director

George Moit
Executive Director

Tony Moit
Executive Director

Joe Vinci

James Horne
Construction Director

Matt Garnon

Amy Singh
Group Human Resources Manager

Ojas Deshpande
Chief Estimator

Darren O’Dea
HSEQ Manager

Michael Harloff
Rock & Dirt General Manager

George Saliba
Workshop Operations Manager

Nick Chong Sun
Construction Manager

Wayne Musa
Construction Manager

Aurel Dumitrascu
Project Manager

Paul Doyle
Project Manager

Robert Ghaly
Project Manager

Tahir Ahmed
Project Manager

(L to R) Paul Anderson Allocations, Mickey Poniris Operations Manager, Cheri Maksimovic Allocations

Matt Elliott
Site Supervisor

Daniel Moit
Site Supervisor

Tony Mufovski
Site Supervisor

Brett Pullin
Site Supervisor

Clint Isreal
Site Supervisor

Nick Nastase
Demolition Supervisor

Sam Solinareos
Traffic Control Supervisor

Jawad Semaan
Demolition King