Moits History Timeline

Mar 12

1st bobcat bought

Moits began as a single bobcat operation back in 1984 operating under family name Moit & Sons. The business was founded by the three brothers Michael, George and Tony Moit who started out constructing driveways with this bobcat and one truck. Pictured: 1) Tony Moit driving the first ever Moits machine, 2) Tony and George Moit working on a site with the bobcat.
Jun 05

Senior Moit

While it was the Moit brothers who started the business it wouldn't have been without the help of senior Moit - Nabih. Being an earthworks enthusiast from the beginning, the Moit brothers were inspired by Nabih to join forces and grow their humble one-bobcat family operation into a full-scale business model.

Apr 11

First excavator

Michael and Tony Moit are pictured driving the first company excavator which made it possible to start taking on bigger jobs.

Mar 03

Humble beginnings

Moits began as a humble operation from their single workshop headquarters in Dural before their enviable industry reputation began to afford them multiple sites including a Waste Recycling Plant, a Machine workshop and offices in North Ryde to coordinate their fleets of equipment and staff to work across various ongoing projects. Pictured: Michael Moit and George Moit in their first workshop at Dural.

May 12

Ultimo Silo Demolition

A Moits excavator is lowered into Ultimo silos for demolition work. This was a memorable job showing Moits' ability to deliver exceptional results.

Jul 17

Rock and Dirt opens

Moits opens partner company Rock & Dirt Recycling Pty Ltd to recycle, recondition, reuse and sell reclaimed construction material. Good for the environment with council and EPA approvals, the Rock & Dirt recycling facility continues to eliminate waste while providing affordable construction material solutions to other companies and the public.

Oct 10

Driving towards growth

These two photos show the incredible growth of the Moits truck fleet - adding 20+ trucks since 2000 to fulfill increased demand for their tipping and haulage. Today Moits operate 30 trucks. Pictured: 1) Michael Moit's company car in front of first 3 Moits trucks, 2) the Moits truck fleet parked at the South Windsor workshop.

Jun 08

The Dream Team

Three generations of the Moit family stand proudly next to a company excavator: Nabih Moit, Michael Moit and Daniel Moit. The family beginnings of Moits has underpinned its strong work ethic for decades; displayed through the hard work, reliability and results-driven approach their closely knit family work-culture has inspired.

Oct 26

Proud heritage

Pictured: vintage N. Moit & Sons branding on work sites, cars and the company office.

Oct 17

The Moits advantage

The Moit brothers began to build a reputation in the industry through projects such as St Columba's High School in Springwood. Their unbeatable expertise, teamwork and unstoppable work ethic helped them start to earn bigger contracts, operate more machines and gain an unrivalled industry reputation.

Sep 17

Moits gains industry recognition

In 2006 N. Moit and Sons begin trading under Moits to further establish their reputation as a leading provider of premium site-preparation construction solutions. Moits company logos went through a few iterations before the classic orange and black Moits logo was unveiled.

Apr 06

Moits celebrates 30 years

Moits celebrates 30 years of professional achievement in the industry. The company invites Joe Vinci to beome CEO and improve company operations. 2014 was a pivotal year for Moits: hiring a new CEO, moving to a new HQ in North Ryde and hiring more staff to overhaul the company's structure in preparation for its next phase of growth.    

Nov 02

Making it look easy

"It's the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time"  - (quote) David Allan Coe. A job in Homebush for SPC pictured shows the large buildings which Moits reliable services are now proudly trusted to prepare after decades of industry experience.

Aug 29

Joe Vinci features Moits in CEO magazine

Joe Vinci is interviewed for CEO magazine reviewing the company's last 30 years and sharing his vision and strategy for the company's future.

Jul 17

New Moits truck signs

Moits unveils new safety truck signs this year to encourage safety on Sydney's roads, showing ongoing support for safety as a responsible organisation that strives to make a positive impact on local communities that surround its projects.

Aug 10

ISO Accredited

This year Moits became ISO accredited. The industry recognised Integrated Management System accredited by Best Practice Certification provides consistent procedures, instruction forms and work methods for the use across our construction projects. These comprehensive tools have been designed and integrated by Moits in order to ensure clients' peace of mind with commitment to providing superior service through the following compliance:

  • Safety – AS/NZS 4801:2001 OHS Management Systems
  • Environmental – ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems
  • Quality – ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

Oct 17

Sky’s the Limit

Moits continue to get down to earth for a sky high result. We continue to work hard to deliver exceptional results for our clients knowing from experience that only good things can come from the growth our commitment to quality has achieved.

Oct 31

We couldn’t have done it without our clients and partners.

Without the help of our clients, sub-contractors and suppliers we wouldn't be were we are today. We'd like to thank the following companies above and everyone else not pictured here who has helped us along the way.