Record-Breaking Moits Racing Unveils New Look

By October 27, 2017News

Moits is excited to unveil the brand new look for the Moits Racing Team.

The electrifying new design will make its debut at the East Coast Thunder – The Nationals event, from Friday, November 3rd through to Saturday the 4th of November.

Record-breaking Australian driver, Paul Mouhayet, will once again get behind the wheel at his favourite race track – Sydney Dragway. The race day will mark one month since Paul ran Australia’s quickest unofficial Pro Slammer pass with a 5.58 at over 257mph during testing.

Paul, alongside the Moits Racing crew, has put in a huge amount of work to prepare for the upcoming event. Come out and witness the magic created by the endless dedication of Paul and the whole team.

Set to take off at 2pm, you can show your support for the team with our full range of Moits Racing merchandise – men’s, women’s and children’s t-shirts, as well as caps will be available for purchase at the dragway.

Designed as a collaboration between Classic Graphix and Rod Bourke, the new Livery and Merchandise fully capture the heart, soul, and culture of the Moits Racing team. The team at Auto Artison Group were contracted to implement the new design on very short notice and really stepped up. A massive thank you to Michael and the team who provided an incredibly professional service with just one week’s notice. The team printed and wrapped the entire race car, a junior dragster, and our Moits transporter.

The Moits Racing Team would not be possible without the help of our hardworking sponsors:

  • Moits
  • MACK Trucks
  • Komatsu
  • Proline Racing
  • BAC Systems
  • CV Performance
  • Thornleigh Auto Body

A special mention also goes out to Skip who managed the Moits Racing rebranding in such a short time frame.